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Pacific Legal Network Expands Reach with Key New Member in Tuvalu, Further Bolstering Regional Presence

Pacific Legal Network (PLN) is very pleased to announce that we've formally teamed up with Tiale Law Firm in Tuvalu, bringing to the network talented local lawyer and partner, Susana Kausea. This affiliation is yet another step forward in making sure our global clients can access the legal help they need across the whole Pacific.


Susana Kausea is the founding owner of Tiale Law and Consultancy Services in Tuvalu. She is a well-recognised local lawyer with experience in both local and national government as well as financial and regional institutions and NGO's. She was the Acting Attorney General of Tuvalu in the absence of the Attorney General proper in 2018 and Assistant Crown Counsel from 2014 to 2016.


The nation of Tuvalu is digitally and environmentally innovative and, as it consists of low-lying atolls and reef islands, is facing the full impact of climate change in the Pacific. It’s the first country in the world to build a self-digital replica in the metaverse in order to preserve its cultural heritage as it faces rising sea levels and the prospect of disappearing altogether.


"I am thrilled to announce the addition of Susana Kausea and Tiale Law from Tuvalu to the Pacific Legal Network” said John Ridgway, Head of Legal Services at PLN.  “This latest addition is further testament to the depth of the network and reflects one of our key goals to cover all parts of the Pacific, from the smallest to the largest with local lawyers leading the way across that vast sea. With so much focus on climate and sea levels, our expansion into Tuvalu could not come at a more appropriate time. Welcome Susana and the firm, fab to have you on board”.


This latest expansion ensures that PLN continues to be at the forefront of legal excellence services in the Pacific, offering clients access to the only seamless network of experienced local lawyers in more than twenty countries across the Pacific region, from Singapore in the west, to American Samoa in the east.

Susana Kausea said: “I am very grateful for PLN as it has provided an opportunity to connect our various sectors in Tuvalu with a wide range of technical assistance. Coming from a resource-constrained but innovative Tuvalu, having access to a Pacific-oriented resource such as PLN makes it easier to find help when in need. I have seen PLN's help towards the Tonga and Solomon Islands ICJ submissions, and it brings a sense of trust and confidence not only towards our shared network of Pacific Legal firms but also towards strong collaborations between governments and the private legal sector. In our closely knitted Pacific region, our shared value of helping our neighbour is now more important than ever. With footprints in most Pacific countries PLN is truly a valuable legal resource by and for the Pacific people. I look forward to sharing PLN resources with our local context.” 



For more information and for interview opportunities contact John Ridgway, Head of Legal Services at Pacific Legal Network:

Ph: 61 410520416 E:


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