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Susana Kausea


Phone: +61 0499647424


Susana Kausea is the founding owner of Tiale Law and Consultancy Services in Tuvalu. She is a well recognised local lawyer with experience in both local and national government as well as financial and regional institutions and NGO's. Susana has been involved in e-commerce, intellectual property, housing, health, economic research, native land law and legislative review projects for the Tuvalu government and women in leadership and advocacy projects for NGO's (including a child-based NGO she founded) in Tuvalu. She was the Acting Attorney General of Tuvalu in the absence of the Attorney General proper in 2018 and Assistant Crown Counsel from 2014 to 2016. 

Along with her wealth of advisory experience, Susana is a powerful advocate and accomplished public speaker. She is an accredited mediator with strong conflict resolution skills and she brings a positive, proactive, forward thinking mindset to everything she's involved in.

Susana is fluent in Tongan, Solomon Islands Pidgin, English and Tuvaluan. When she is not working, Susana enjoys playing tennis, reading, painting or joining in community activities.

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